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The contract of sky garden project in Batu Pahat, Malaysia came into effect recently

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In the morning of February 14th,the  contract of Sky Garden which indicate a services apartment construction in Batu Pahat has been formally signed between Hubei Dijian Construction (M) Sdn Bhd and Ace Empire Construction Sdn Bhd whose CEO, Chen Yihua, and the General Manager of the former company, Fu Dabo, attended the signing ceremony and signed this contract.

Located in the business district of Batu Pahat which is the second largest city in Johore, South Malaysia, the project has a total construction area of 48400 ㎡, and the contract amount is temporary 53,180,000 ringgit (according to current exchange rate1.77, the amount is 9,4130,000RMB). Its’ duration lasts for 24 mouths; the structural types is frame shear wall structure.The project contains apartment of 22 floors in which the ground serves as hall, the 1st floor to the 4th floor are car parks, the 5th floor is transfer storey which is equipped with public facilities like swimming pool, gym ,children’s playground and so on, 6th floor to 21th floor serve as services apartment. There are 7 types of designed style, and 246 units in which the largest type covers an area of 135.05㎡, the smallest type coves an area of 59.37㎡. Once constructed, the building shall be the highest architecture in Batu Pahat.

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